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The Island of Majorca is a beach paradise that not nearly as many people know about that should. There are many more popular islands located in the Mediterranean that people tend to flock to, which makes Majorca even more special. Because despite the fact that millions of travelers come to stay in Majorca hotels every year, the atmosphere is one that is more laid back, and seclusion and solitude are possible here. And in addition to being able to relax when staying in one of Majorca’s wonderful cities, there are a few other reasons for visiting this lesser known, but no less beautiful, island in the Mediterranean. The number one reason to consider Majorca holidays are by far and wide the selection of beaches on the island. There are busy beaches, secluded beaches, and beaches where you can grill on an open fire. There are so many beaches to choose from that you could spend an entire week visiting them and still not see them all. Since many Mallorca hotels are directly on the beach, though, you can choose your favorite one and spend your vacation within close proximity of at least one. Considering the natural surroundings that you get to enjoy while staying at any of the Majorca hotels, you might as well take advantage of it during your visit and get some hiking in. Hiking in Majorca is like hiking in few other places in the world, with the vast view of the Mediterranean surrounding the island and the island itself surrounding you. This is why hiking is one of the most popular activities during Majorca holidays, aside from visiting the beaches of course. Majorca is a paradise for avid professional and leisure golfers as well. There are eighteen different course scattered throughout the beautiful island, each with a unique 18-hole course for visitors to enjoy. Basically all of the Mallorca hotels are within a short distance to at least one of these exquisite golf courses, so getting to one is almost always going to be easy. And who couldn’t appreciate being able to golf while taking in the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean in between all those long hours at the beach? Just one more reason to visit the beautiful Island of Majorca. There are many places you could choose for your Mediterranean vacation destination, some much busier and some more secluded. Majorca offers you the choice between the two, and since there is so much to enjoy on the island it can be anyone’s perfect destination to head to.